Whats New-Delta CSC And Service Delivery


A civil service cannot be better than the Civil Service Commission that powers it. This is even more so as the Civil Service Commission is the engine room of administration. Therefore the standard of the Civil Service Commission determines to a great extent the quality of the entire Civil Service Commission to the extent that the standard of the Commission determines the efficiency and effectiveness with which it execute its core mandate, particularly in the area of recruitment and discipline.
To this end, there is the need for every government at all levels to ensure that civil service Commission occupies a central position in the planning of Policies and programmes in order to succeed in the implementation of its vision and mandate.
To drive any government intent to physical manifestation, level of appreciation and impact the Civil Service Commission should be given a pride of place, particularly in the provision of good working environment. Such environment should include physical infrastructures, adequate furnished accommodation and ICT facilities as well as motivated staff as the Commission is the engine room for major decision making that affects the entire Civil Service. The focus of the decision making endeavours of the Civil Service Commission in the area of recruitment, discipline and promotion among others. These decisions invariably affect the output of officers that carryout the implementation of government policies and programmes. Therefore, the quality of decision making by the Civil Service Commission could make or mare the efforts of the government in the delivery of its mandate to the people. In this regard it is to be expected that Delta State Civil Service Commission would key into the three point agenda of human capital development, peace and security and infrastructural development of the incumbent state governor as well as Delta Beyond Oil.
Today the role of government has vastly expanded both in advanced and developing countries. As rightly asserted by the Foultan Report on British Civil Service Vol.1, 1968, a Royal Commission Report in British, government has grown from its traditional function to include economic function, full employment, appreciable growth rate, price stability, positive balance of payment, social service, as well as human capital development. This place enormous responsibility on the Civil Service Commission because for the government to succeed in executing these expanded functions it required efficient and result oriented Civil Service Commission.
The delta State Civil Service Commission remains resolute in the discharge of its duties and that is evidenced in the caliber of the management team in the State Civil Service.
In a recent visit to the Board of Internal Revenue its Chairman, Hon. Joel Onowakpor Thomas attested to the fact that the personnel of the Board which the Civil Service Commission determined their suitability for employment has played a tremendous role in the achievement recorded by the Board. Also speaking during a courtesy call on the Civil Service Commission, the State Chairman of Trade Union Congress (TUC) Comrade Myke Arinze observed that from his travels and interaction with other States' Civil Servants, Delta State Civil Service parades the best crop of officers. He sited a case where a permanent secretary from one of the states' of the Federation who found it difficult to deliver a prepared speech in the public function, adding that Delta State does not have officers of that nature especially at top echelon of the Civil Service.
On a daily basis, the state Civil Service Commission receives and attends to issues that border on promotion, discipline, inter cadre transfer, promotion exams as well conduct interview among others. All these activities of the Commission are done in accordance with Civil Service rules and high sense of responsibilities.